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Going Paleo for 30 Days

I completed the 28 Fast Metabolism Diet and did not cheat at all. It was not the most pleasant experience, dieting never is. But I walked away from it 10 lbs. lighter. So to me, it was worth it.

Oh No, Not Again
I then attempted the maintenance stage. However, the scale started tipping in the wrong direction almost immediately. Grrrr.... What is a woman who still has 30 lbs. to go supposed to do? I can tell you for sure it isn't staying on the FMD long term. I did mention it wasn't the best experience for me, right?

Now What?
So I decided to do some self reflection and think about what has helped me with weight loss in the past. Trust me, I am an experienced dieter. And therein lies the problem. I desperately need to get off the diet train. I have no problem losing weight. I also have no problem gaining it all back, plus some.

But one lifestyle change did help me significantly before and didn't feel like a diet - eating Paleo. I pondered that for a few days, switched to 99% …

A Reminder to Myself, Again

Yesterday I posted on My Fitness Pal letting everyone know that I won't be posting there anymore. Tatorbug left a sweet comment. I will miss her but I am doing what I need to to stay on track. So, this morning I let go of all of my MFP friends. And I'm in the process of deleting my blog posts there (there are only a couple). I am posting one below that I originally wrote at the end of June of this year. I wish I had kept these reminders in front of me. But, there's no time like the present. Any changes in thoughts or actions I've put in brackets.

Reminder to Self

Just to make sure I don't forget, I want to mention a few realizations I've come to over the past couple of weeks.

It's bad to put myself in starvation mode. So, it's good to eat exercise calories.
I did not understand the whole "eating your calories" concept. So last week I barely got to 1200 cal each day despite having several hundred calories to spare from working out. But I did some reading on the forums and I think I get it now. I am modifying my goal to not go over my calories for the day.

I need could benefit from a heart rate monitor.
Sometimes I use Walk It Out, but I actually jog instead of run with it. So I know the calories burned reported on the game aren't accurate. So, I ordered a HRM today from Amazon. I'm interested to see how many calories I'm really burning. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. [I bought one and I was right. The calories were way off. I do use the HRM consistently when I exercise. I just need to exercise consistently.]

Sugar is NOT my friend.
 As much as I wish it weren't so, refined sugar and artificial sweeteners trigger migraines for me. I have been in denial about this for a long time. But I can't deny the obvious anymore.
I suffered a bad headache after adding Splenda to some yogurt a couple of weeks ago. Then I went a week headache free. Then I ate a piece of my hubby's Father Day cake after dinner and suffered the worst migraine ever the following day. It was so painful that I have been "cured" of wanting sugar. I want to live my life as pain free as possible. [This statement could not be any truer. Despite that, I still find myself going back to eating sugar, especially the ice cream and snack cakes that are in the house for my husband. I really need to keep praying and asking the Lord to help me with this.]

I actually like the taste of the veggies in my salad.
I switched from Ranch dressing to a balsamic vinaigrette. Who knew all these years that I was drowning out the taste of all the flavors in my salad? So, I have happily given up creamy dressings. [I was eating really healthy for awhile but then tired of all the food prep. I need to find a happy medium.]

 Weighing my food isn't a big deal at all.
It actually feels good to know how many calories I'm consuming each day. [It really isn't a big deal. But sometimes I feel like I'm obsessing about my health and weight loss when I do it. But I realize that I need to change that mindset.]

I feel like I have control over my eating.
This has been the best discovery of all. I have been eating clean cleaner and most of my food cravings have gone away. I can't explain how wonderful this feels. I have always felt like food is "calling me" and I have to answer. But I've cut out most processed food and sugar and I'm not even missing it.I have actually been wanting salad and green smoothies instead of the junk. I thank God for this. I really do.[This feeling didn't last long. Although I did notice that when I eat healthy I feel like I'm in control. And when I don't then I start eating terribly and feel like the food is calling me.]

Weight isn't the most important thing.
I usually go through each day extremely tired. I take iron supplements but sometimes they don't seem to help. I hated having to decide whether I was going to play with the kids or clean the house. Because there was no way I'd have the energy for both. But lately, I have been waking up feeling refreshed and have had a lot of energy throughout the day. That has meant so much more to me than seeing the results on the scale. 
Thank  you God! [I don't feel I was being completely honest with myself on this one. How much I weigh does matter to me. Of course, the increased energy from eating right is a blessing. But I do care what number is on the scale and how I look in my clothes.]

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