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Going Paleo for 30 Days

I completed the 28 Fast Metabolism Diet and did not cheat at all. It was not the most pleasant experience, dieting never is. But I walked away from it 10 lbs. lighter. So to me, it was worth it.

Oh No, Not Again
I then attempted the maintenance stage. However, the scale started tipping in the wrong direction almost immediately. Grrrr.... What is a woman who still has 30 lbs. to go supposed to do? I can tell you for sure it isn't staying on the FMD long term. I did mention it wasn't the best experience for me, right?

Now What?
So I decided to do some self reflection and think about what has helped me with weight loss in the past. Trust me, I am an experienced dieter. And therein lies the problem. I desperately need to get off the diet train. I have no problem losing weight. I also have no problem gaining it all back, plus some.

But one lifestyle change did help me significantly before and didn't feel like a diet - eating Paleo. I pondered that for a few days, switched to 99% …

Fasting While Cooking Delicious Food for my Family

I am on day nine of my fast and I want to tell you that God is good! He is sustaining me and I feel great. I don't know how else to put it except to say that I know the Lord is keeping me.

Umm Umm Good
No one else in my family is on a fast so I have been cooking as usual. Last week I am convinced that I made the best food of my life. At least, that's how it smelled. And my family kept commenting on how delicious everything was. I'm sure they probably always do that but it was much more noticeable last week. And this week chicken fried steak, ribs, red beans and rice, and roasted chicken are all on the menu.

But I have had NO desire to eat. I only want to continue to draw close to the Lord. He's such a wonderful God. I'm seeing that more and more. I know that He will help me make it through the entire month.

Besides knowing that a financial breakthrough is on the way, I also know that my eating desires have been changed completely. I'm already thinking about a new way of eating once this fast is over. Because I really want to keep feeling as great as I do. And I am confident that my blood pressure and the asthma have no choice but to leave my body and not return.

Making Do With What We Have
Needless to say, my juicing has produced A LOT of pulp. I have been tossing any that contains citrus (it just doesn't look good at all); but, the rest I have been using the same day or freezing.

For lunch today I used the apple pear pulp to make a topping for bread.
I just mixed the pulp with a little lime juice and enough honey to sweeten it just a bit. The children taste tested it until it was sweet enough. Then I used the mixture as a substitute for jelly in  PBJ sandwiches on homemade bread. But the children all agree that it would probably taste sans the peanut butter on some Wasa bread. So, we'll try that next time.

And this morning I made banana, carrot, pecan, whole wheat, quick bread using frozen carrot pulp and frozen bananas that I let thaw overnight in the fridge.
This got rave reviews from the children!

Apple Sweet Potato Juice Recipe
1 large sweet potato
2 granny smith apples
Juice and enjoy!

I don't know why but that combination is delicious. That is a juice that I will definitely make again.

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