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Going Paleo for 30 Days

I completed the 28 Fast Metabolism Diet and did not cheat at all. It was not the most pleasant experience, dieting never is. But I walked away from it 10 lbs. lighter. So to me, it was worth it.

Oh No, Not Again
I then attempted the maintenance stage. However, the scale started tipping in the wrong direction almost immediately. Grrrr.... What is a woman who still has 30 lbs. to go supposed to do? I can tell you for sure it isn't staying on the FMD long term. I did mention it wasn't the best experience for me, right?

Now What?
So I decided to do some self reflection and think about what has helped me with weight loss in the past. Trust me, I am an experienced dieter. And therein lies the problem. I desperately need to get off the diet train. I have no problem losing weight. I also have no problem gaining it all back, plus some.

But one lifestyle change did help me significantly before and didn't feel like a diet - eating Paleo. I pondered that for a few days, switched to 99% …

Trying the Fast 5 Diet by Dr. Bert Herring

I have been on a very unhealthy roller coaster ride this past year. I can say in all honesty that I had the worst 12 months of my life - personally, spiritually, and financially. Yes, this past year provided ample opportunities to pray and press in to God. But I focused on my problems way more than I focused on Him. And no doubt, my health suffered as a result.
What!?! Over the course of a year I have gained and lost in excess of 60 lbs, no exxageration. I am happy to report that personally things are turning around for me. I thank God for not giving up on me although there were many days when I did not rely on Him. Instead I turned to food and ballooned up or I completely lost my appetite for weeks on end and lost a crazy amount of weight.
Starting Over About a month ago I stepped off the crazy train. I started caring again how and what I eat. I bought a pair of good sneakers and I have started power walking again, albeit not consistently. Does anyone use the phrase "power walking&q…